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  • Inspiring People, Relationships, Business, Leadership & Life…..through the power of words.

    Presented by: Burt Levy

    November 2, 2021

    12:00 pm CST

  • Technology Selection in Business

    Presented by: Amanda Russo

    August 10, 2021

    12:00 pm CST

  • How to Grow Mental Muscle to Thrive in Challenging Times

    Presented by: Julie Bronstetter

    September 14, 2021

    12:00 pm CST

Past Speakers

  • The Bonsai Business

    Presented by: Jim Shulman

    April 30, 2024

    12:00 pm CST

  • Purpose Hunting – How to find your purpose and live it every day!

    Presented by: Matthew Berrafato

    March 5, 2024

    12:00 pm CST

  • Embrace Change

    Presented by: Kashaun Parker

    February 6, 2024

    12:00 pm CST

  • Relationship Over Revenue

    Presented by: Dr. Casuel Pitts

    November 28, 2023

    12:00 pm CST

  • Every Master was once a mess or at best mediocre, therefore every mess or mediocre person can become a master!

    Presented by: Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough

    November 14, 2023

    12:00 pm CST

  • Use M.E.G.A. Positioning to Make Sales and Marketing Easy

    Presented by: Reuben Swartz

    October 17, 2023

    12:00 pm CST

  • How to Build Community as a Competitive Advantage

    Presented by: Esther Deutsch

    September 19, 2023

    12:00 pm CST

  • Neutralizing Obstacles Through Gratitude

    Presented by: David Brooke

    June 6, 2023

    12:00 pm CST

  • Good Leaders Do Business Continuity

    Presented by: Erika Andresen

    June 20, 2023

    12:00 pm CST

  • What You Don’t Know About Your 401(k) Plan

    Presented by: Paul Sippil

    June 13, 2023

    12:00 pm CST




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