Technology Selection in Business

Presented by: Amanda Russo

Date: August 10, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Amanda Russo:

As a young child I was a natural born problem solver. This talent has carried into my career and speaks to my resourceful nature, tenacity, and strong work ethic.

As CEO and founder of Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC, I empower companies to dream bigger by fixing what isn't working so they can make room for larger and better things. It is gratifying as the go-to professional they come to for advice.

My company focuses on end-to-end business operations. We concentrate on the people, the processes, technology, and customer experience. I provide business advice, strategy, solutions and solutions to scale your business.

I follow the markets and latest trends in technology and collaborate with thought leaders to implement cutting-edge solutions to address my client’s pain point.

Some examples of the impact I’ve had for my clients include: ● Saved an eCommerce client 84% in cost reduction in their supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics expenses. ● Lowered consumer cost of product in supply chain lifecycle by 40%. ● Reduced credit card processing fees by 10% a month. ● Reduced patients’ waiting-room time 50%—from three hours to one and a half hours. ● Streamlined a healthcare client-intake process and drove conversion rates up by 50%. ● Built new department intake call center and increased new client onboarding processing time by 40%. ● Reduced human error by over 85% with automation and 3rd-party integration in the legal sector for intake process. ● Decreased returns process for an eCommerce consumer goods business from 7 to 30 days down to 10 seconds. ● Consolidated the IT bandwidth utilized for the client intake process and added the ability to attach client’s document.

I'm organized, smart, thorough, and thoughtful. I believe there is a solution for everything if you consider the facts. I assemble all the pieces together to solve clients’ problems to help them flourish. I am ready to help you solve yours.

Connect with Amanda Russo:

Connect with Amanda Russo:

Breakout Questions

What have you purchased because you thought that’s what you needed only to discover it didn’t solve the problem?

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