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Shared Connections

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Building relationships and improving professionalism each week with connection focused networking.

This Week’s Speaker

  • How to Grow Mental Muscle to Thrive in Challenging Times

    Presented by: Julie Bronstetter

    September 14, 2021

    12:00 pm CST

Latest Video

  • Inspiring People, Relationships, Business, Leadership & Life…..through the power of words.

    Presented by: Burt Levy

    November 2, 2021

    12:00 pm CST

Great People Building Great Relationships

Creating the networking group that you deserve.

What is Shared Connections?

This is a group that is designed to connect with great people from all around the world to build relationships, Within, we share ideas, have conversations, collaborate with one another, and provide support and encouragement to each other.

Together, we encourage each other on this journey through life.

World Class Value

Without value, a networking group is a waste of time. Shared Connections is focused on providing maximum value to our members.

  • Qualified Speakers – Our weekly speakers are top in their field

  • Focused Breakouts – Engaging questions for accelerated networking

  • Quality over Cost – The only price to join is human decency and respect

In creating a networking group focused on developing the individual, we raise the entire professional world up, one week at a time.


When we invest in each other, we all build higher. By narrowing to the singular focus of creating relationship focused business connections, we remove the stress of sales and retain excellent professionals.

The cost of joining the group is human deceny, kindness, and professionalism. Great business professionals understand that building lasting relationships result in better sales and a better workspace.

If you are the type of person looking to create a network of “Givers Gain”, Shared Connections is the group that will invest in you.

Built by networking professionals, the Shared Connections group is organically designed and built. Each connection is vetted by an existing member, bringing quality and consistency.

If you show up, be a good person, lift others in the group up, and create connections, you will experience an improvement in your relationships, experiences, and business prospects.



Latest from Shared Connections

Missed a speaker? Want to catch up? See the latest goings on within the group.

Join the Highest Quality Networking Group in the World

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