How to Grow Mental Muscle to Thrive in Challenging Times

Presented by: Julie Bronstetter

Date: September 14, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Julie Bronstetter:

Julie is passionate about partnering with people to confidently take charge of their personal and professional lives. For her last 5 1/2 years in corporate, she worked as an HR leader, executive coach and mentor within the entertainment and advertising space. Previous to that, she spent 10 years in advertising as an account manager.

Julie is a Certified Professional Coach and PHR and specializes in human development. She has been described as an energetic leader and change-agent with a people-first mindset. It is that mentality that not only motivated her to transition into HR, but has now driven her to build her own coaching business. Julie’s motto is the ROI of a human being far outweighs the ROI of anything else in life. She embodies this principle every single day.

Connect with Julie Bronstetter:

Connect with Julie Bronstetter:

Breakout Questions

What unexpected gifts and opportunities came about from a difficult professional situation?

What 3 things would you like to accomplish this year?

What's the least common food combination you enjoy?

Additional Information

For a taste of Julie’s energetic personality, tune into her weekly LinkedIn video series, “Walk My Talk,” which posts every Tuesday.

About the Topic
We all know the importance of physical fitness, but mental fitness is not taught. There are 3 core muscles you could be using RIGHT NOW to increase your happiness and success.

The session is based on the research and teachings from the book “Positive Intelligence,” by Shirzad Chamine.