Relationship Over Revenue

Presented by: Dr. Casuel Pitts

Date: November 28, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Dr. Casuel Pitts:

Dr. Casuel Pitts, a mastermind Entrepreneur, is an inspirational speaker and mentorship coach who has assisted individuals across the nation by helping them to regain their confidence to accomplish what they were born to do. His rough upbringing combined with his extensive educational background has allowed him to see things that most are unable to perceive because of his vast experiences in both extreme desolation and prosperity. The initiatives that Casuel Pitts orchestrates solidify him as a compassionate humanitarian and an individual that has an in-depth understanding of gratitude. Recently he has increased the utilization of all resources because of the promise he made to God concerning being a change agent, is at an all time priority.

Connect with Dr. Casuel Pitts:

Connect with Dr. Casuel Pitts:

Breakout Questions

How do you know when to say no to opportunities?

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