What You Don’t Know About Your 401(k) Plan

Presented by: Paul Sippil

Date: June 13, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Paul Sippil:

“My thinking is rooted in challenging the status quo in the group retirement plan industry, which I do by helping businesses effectively select and monitor retirement plan service providers, ask detailed questions about their plan so they can better understand the fees and services, and make informed financial decisions that they can’t currently make due to the severe information asymmetry that exists in the industry.

More specifically, I focus on highlighting and addressing excessive and misunderstood asset-based fees charged by financial advisors, record keepers, and administrators, shining light on the conflicts of interest they face including restrictions their firms place on which service providers they can recommend, and putting forth a vision of how the industry can improve. Some industry thought leaders who share this viewpoint include Ted Benna, inventor of the 401(k), Founder and President of the 401(k) Association, Fred Barstein, Founder & CEO of The Retirement Advisor University and consulting editor at Investment News, Edward Siedle, former SEC attorney, pension forensics expert, and record-setting whistleblower, and Bert Whitehead, President of Cambridge Connection Inc., Founder of the Alliance of Cambridge Advisors (now the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners), and the author of “Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money”.”

Connect with Paul Sippil:

Connect with Paul Sippil:

Breakout Questions

Do you know the fees you are paying in your retirement plan?

Additional Information

This presentation will be more applicable to people who work for small businesses because the fees passed on to participants in larger plans are much lower per person.