The Power of Brand Vision

Presented by: Tom Briggs

Date: January 31, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Tom Briggs:

For nearly 20 years, Tom Briggs has helped companies ranging in size from Global Fortune 50 to early stage startups align their product, market and brand story. Starting with vision and expanding to a sustainable brand narrative, Tom works with innovative and highly disruptive organizations to make a bigger impact, have more fun and grow profits. As a mentor at multiple accelerators and technology incubators, Tom enjoys building values-led, sustainable, scalable brands rooted in purpose, values and mission. Tom is an internationally cited social media researcher, Center for Creative Leadership graduate, mentor, coach and advocate for more ethical, humane and conscious capitalism. Tom is the founder of epigraph, a brand collective dedicated to building more, ethical, humane startups and more human brands. (

Connect with Tom Briggs:

Connect with Tom Briggs:

Breakout Questions

For 15 seconds you can stand face-to-face with your 12 year old self. What do you do?

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