the Art of making meaningful connections in the virtual world

Presented by: Robert Butwin

Date: July 9, 2024

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Robert Butwin:

Background: Descended from a lineage of successful entrepreneurs and self- made millionaires, Robert Butwin's journey is a testament to breaking the mold. Early, he decided to step away from the conventional "Country Club Smart" business practices ingrained in his upbringing, instead choosing the path of network marketing for its personal fulfillment and financial stability. • Career Evolution: Robert began his network marketing endeavor part-time 39 years ago. Quickly grasping its immense potential, he transitioned to a full-time network marketer, a role he has embraced since September 7, 1990. This shift marked the beginning of a career in which he became "psychologically unemployable," finding his true calling outside the traditional job market.

Connect with Robert Butwin:

Connect with Robert Butwin:

Breakout Questions

What are the most common mistakes you see most people make when Networking?

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