Stop Ignoring TikTok

Presented by: jake tlapek

Date: October 18, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About jake tlapek:

Jake is a passionate person with many interests. Through a fascination for industry, technology, psychology, and entertainment, Jake founded The Wizard Marketing.

A marketing agency focused on harnessing the soul of a business and share that with those that resonate in kind. By leveraging the personality and heart of a business and marrying it to the statistical world of business and psychology, Wizard Marketing is creating better connections to customers and enthusiasts.

As a social media hesitant, Jake has approached the social media platforms from a unique perspective. Again, focusing social media through a industrial and psychological lens, the result and action plans are both comfortable to businesses and effective for customers.

He is married to an amazing wife with 3 lovely children, who will one day rule the world. Located in south Phoenix, he enjoys way too many hobbies, including game design, cooking, mixology, grilling, and reading.

Connect with jake tlapek:

Connect with jake tlapek:

Breakout Questions

What product or service have you purchased or investigated on a social media platform?

What is your favorite meme, internet joke, or funny video?

What is the hobby you want to try, but have not yet tried?

Additional Information

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