How To Become A Media Boss

Presented by: Barrett Matthews

Date: January 24, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Barrett Matthews:

Dr. Barrett Matthews is well-respected by many for his 35 years of work in the media, dating back to his time with CBS, and his stint in television news in major markets. Barrett's knowledge gained from his years producing, writing, directing and hosting radio & television paired with his incredible work in writing articles and books, makes him someone to listen to. After noticing a void in the way many business people market and the massive changes in media, as a whole, Dr. Matthews has taken upon himself to help speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs to reach their ideal clients, who want to pay them by using media. His work and commitment to serving have warranted him a position to work King Okogeman Amissah I, of Ghana, in educating those in Africa with his Media Monarch program, in an effort to allow everyone to share their voice. Dr. Matthews is here to help you to Make The World Hear Your Voice!

Connect with Barrett Matthews:

Connect with Barrett Matthews:

Breakout Questions

How can a business owner be everywhere all at once?

Additional Information

-Media Boss Pro business media production packages
-Make Money From Media 5-Day Challenge
-Author of 3 books:
“Why Didn’t You Get It Done?”
“50 Shades Of Wealth”
“A Call To Action”