Value of Relationships/Personal Branding

Presented by: Matt Hadley

Date: August 2, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Matt Hadley:

Matt Hadley grew up in Greenwood, IN and attended Center Grove High School until his junior year when his mother moved to Plainfield, IN and attended Plainfield High School his senior year. After time at IUPUI, Matt spent several years in the banking and finance industry in a variety of roles.

Matt’s community outreach and philanthropic mission is to improve human welfare and build lasting relationships that make an impact. He believes that when others are invested in their communities, it creates a ripple impact of positive influence on everyone. You might find him out in the community connecting with people through stories, serving the community, and sharing his mission on social media with the hashtag SelfieswithMatt.

In 2018, he decided to establish his own business and quickly realized the value of relationships and connections on business growth. After attending a "Building your personal brand and establishing a board of advisors" panel discussion - Matt still shares his life changing/defining moment from that event. "Do you have 10 people in your network today, that have access to the tools and resources to help if you're about to lose everything?"

From that day forward, Matt has made it his personal mission to build authentic relationships with some of the coolest people on Earth - meaning the most altruistic people on Earth. He has defined his mission by these 3 key points: Serving the community, helping others with no expectations, and building authentic relationships.

A few phrases Matt uses to live out life:

👉 Relationships are the most valuable asset we have

Your legacy will be defined by how you treat people and the impact you made - not the things you collected, the titles you had, or the money you made

You can't change the world for everyone - you can change someone's world

Connect with Matt Hadley:

Connect with Matt Hadley:

Breakout Questions

How has the value of relationships changed/impacted your life to this point?

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