The Habits of a Happy Brain

Presented by: Evan Mestman

Date: April 26, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Evan Mestman:

"I found my passion to help things grow when I was a kid in my garden. Now, I grow lasting habits with my business, ProAttitudes. " As a health, wellness, and mindset coach, Evan works with business owners and CEOs who thrive at taking care of everything, except themselves. Evan developed the B3 way of coaching that works to optimize your thinking, eating, and living, one healthy choice at a time.

Evan Mestman started his career in nutrition with a passion for knowledge and a motivation to help those who struggle with being their best mentally, physically, and spiritually. As an adolescent, Evan was challenged with his own need to lose weight, become healthy and stay fit. When he took his first nutrition class in college, it resonated to the point of becoming his pivotal moment and his career path was set. After receiving his master’s and becoming a Registered Dietician, he worked in hospital ICU’s with the most critical of patients. He saw their fears and vulnerabilities and realized that having the right attitude was half the battle. He started studying the psychology of behavior and change which led to the development of his first nutrition program Appetite and Attitudes. He became a diabetes educator, and an adjunct professor teaching Nutrition and Disease as well as Nutrition and Performance for over 10 years. Now he works to help build habits that last a lifetime. "It's the simple daily actions that lead to lasting habits and powerful change…one choice at a time."

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I'm the founder and Chief Gratitude Officer of ProAttitudes a health, wellness, and mindset coaching business helping business owners live better the B3 Way.

Connect with Evan Mestman:

Connect with Evan Mestman:

Breakout Questions

Name 1 self-defeating habit you have that you’ve been unable to change. What would your life be like if you were able to change?

What is your favorite vegetable?

How do you keep track of your todo list?

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