It’s not personal it’s personality

Presented by: Michelle Lee Myrter

Date: February 14, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Michelle Lee Myrter:

Michelle Lee is a business coach/trainer and international professional speaker who teaches people how to increase sales by building stronger, more meaningful relationships in less time using the B.A.N.K. program. She has 28 years of experience in sales and marketing for a multi-million dollar company. After losing everything when she lost her job, she built a very successful company and direct sales business by using the B.A.N.K. system she now teaches other people. She used B.A.N.K. to make her new business a fast success by leveraging the right communication skills and knowing the values of the people around her while remaining authentic and building stronger relationships. Michelle will give you the system, tools, and training to save time, energy, and money while taking your relationships with family, friends, and business partners to a whole new level.

Connect with Michelle Lee Myrter:

Connect with Michelle Lee Myrter:

Breakout Questions

What are 2 pet peeves you have and why?

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