Growing in the mirror (Reflection)

Presented by: Keegan Schaefer

Date: June 7, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Keegan Schaefer:

Coach Keeg has an immense passion for helping people identify and reduce limiting beliefs and patterns to create the best version of you. Once limiting beliefs are conquered we create the vision for the future. Together, we construct a Plan with Action steps and Coach Keeg is your accountability partner.

We have helped hundreds of people become the best version of themselves under the 5 Pillar model: Mindset, Body/Health, Heart, Spirit and ultimately Purpose. Check out more here: Selfish to Selfless: 5 Pillars to Fulfillment Through Purpose

What are your limiting thoughts? How are you overcoming them? What tools do you address to use your blindspots?

What would it feel and look like to become your absolute best? Not just for you but for the ones that love you and rely on you.

Let's build this opportunity together!

Connect with Keegan Schaefer:

Connect with Keegan Schaefer:

Breakout Questions

What is one of your favorite personal or professional memories?

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Selfish to Selfless: 5 Pillars to Fulfillment Through Purpose