Genealogy and Family History – Your Truly Personal Network

Presented by: Mike Wapner

Date: December 7, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Mike Wapner:

Mike Wapner’s purpose is helping individuals and families achieve their most important goals in life, such as educating their kids, having the kind of retirement they want, and possibly creating a legacy. His overall goal for the people he works with is for them to be comfortable with their current financial situation and confident that their financial future will be what they want. He starts with people’s goals and works from there. Mike firmly believes it's important to offer much more than just investment management.

When it comes to investing, though, Mike has a somewhat unique passion for and knowledge of Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible investing and wants people to know that they can align their money with the issues they're passionate about without, on average, sacrificing financial return. Mike is frequently interviewed about this topic and speaks to groups that have an affinity for these types of issues.

Mike enjoys networking – getting to know other people and what they do – so he can figure out how to help them. For today’s presentation, though, he’s going to step away from a business orientation and talk about his interest in genealogy: how he got inspired to pursue this hobby, some of what he’s discovered about his own family, and how others can learn about their own, very personal networks.

Connect with Mike Wapner:

Connect with Mike Wapner:

Breakout Questions

What is the most interesting story you know about any of your ancestors and why is it meaningful to you?

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