Choosing Your Narrative

Presented by: Tim Croll

Date: March 29, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm CST

About Tim Croll:

In a world of boring leadership and strategy sessions…. One man stands alone, connecting the complex strategies into easy to understand practical application. (betcha read that in movie voice)

Knowledge is great, I have been certified with multiple coaching programs and hold a Masters in Leadership. But it is the experience that allows us to apply the knowledge into wisdom. I was a contestant on LEGO Masters Season 2 (one of the highest watched reality shows) and this gave me the opportunity to share many of my life experiences, tying together the knowledge of leadership with the wisdom of action. I have had the opportunity to own my business, work in the corporate world and build E-commerce companies into multi-million dollar monthly sales.

But the passion I hold is how to inspire individuals to grow both in their personal and professional lives. To find their purpose and pursue it with all their energy. This impact on others is what motivates and drives my decisions and actions.

Connect with Tim Croll:

Connect with Tim Croll:

Breakout Questions

What is one thing you were told about success that you have found to be false?

Additional Information

Currently working on 2 book projects:
1. The 5 languages to motivate your employees
2. WOW Factor – collaboration of authors
KISS podcast available
2 – schedule KISS events (Cincinnati OH April,
Gaylord, MI May 27-28)